2014 Re-cap: Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Continuing this week's great reminiscence at the year that was 2014 is the celebration of a wondrous event that happened on March 29th 1998. My birth.
This March I turned sixteen and while I didn't feel any different, it did dawn on me that the years are going by really quickly. Far too quickly for my liking.
As I write this, I am only three months away from turning seventeen which means I'll legally be allowed to start learning to drive. Me on the roads sounds like a nightmare. It's scary how quickly time has gone.
Anyway, my birthday fell on a Saturday this year and me not being a fan of having big parties and my parents would sooner kick me out than let me throw a house party - I'm way too worrisome about things get damaged or broken that I would never have a house party regardless of my parents' permission. So, me and my friends settled on going out for a meal.
Me being a big pizza enthusiast, and it being my birthday, proposed we all go to Pizza Hut.
These photos were taken just before me and my parents left. The cake was made by my mother's former work colleague and it was delicious. Lined with chocolate fingers around the edge, caramels and icing stars at the top it was probably one of the nicest cakes I have ever had.
Dress from Topshop

I didn't really ask for a lot of extravagant presents for my birthday. I did get a new phone but that was because I was due an upgrade haha. In fact, I'm noticing that, while the prices haven't declined enormously, I don't really ask for expensive products themselves. Birthdays used to be all about begging my parents for the latest Nintendo game and such.
Now, much like Christmas, I'm asking for - you guessed it - books, books and more books. Along with DVDs.

The joy of finally managing to blow out the candles after many failed attempts

Now, back to my Pizza Hut party meal. A lot of my close friends attended which I'm thankful for because I couldn't think of a better way to spend my sixteenth. Especially because this would be the last time we all properly went out to celebrate something together before GCSE exams and college tore us apart. So looking back, I am glad that my parents convinced me to have a party with all my friends.
I can remember this day like yesterday despite the fact it was nearly ten months ago! It seems strange that so much has happened since then and that I lost touch with nearly everyone who came apart from maybe one or two that I still speak to. But it's funny how life does that, causes people to drift apart. Before I used to hate it, didn't want to accept it now I've realised that's just how it is. We're all coming into our own and figuring out who we are. Everyone who came to my birthday meal has more or less gone their separate ways since we all started college and it's more bittersweet than anything.
While we may not speak all that much, (bar one or two of them) and at the risk of getting all emotional, I still wish every single one of them the best for the future because they're all amazingly smart people and I have confidence they'll all succeed in life.
It'll be interesting to see next year what I'll be doing for my birthday. Maybe a Pizza Hut reunion? Maybe Pizza Hut or going out for a meal with a bunch of new people? Or maybe, I'll have a quiet day and spend it with my parents. Who knows.

Hope you have a great day! (And if you're reading this and it's your birthday - Happy Birthday to you. You owe me some cake!)
Until next time,

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