London Travels: Day Two

Friday, 19 December 2014

Day two of Sam's London adventure.

First thing we did was pack up all our luggage (which we later lost in a cab), left the hotel after breakfast and headed to Buckingham Palace. It was quite early so there were very few people there which was rather nice.

However, there weren't many guards around as you can see. It was really beautiful though and made me want to chase Fetus Sam's dreams of becoming a princess and living in a big palace. Although, if I were royalty I'd want my entire closet to mirror the dresses worn on CW's Reign and for my less than humble abode to look exactly like Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany which is somewhere I would potentially like to visit after exams are well and truly over with. Germany has the most stunning castles that put Buckingham Palace to shame. The Queen needs to up her castle game if she aims to compete.
With my father by some flowers near the Palace. (Clothing info at the end of the post)

After that, we went to Baker Street to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Entry into the museum cost £10 per adult, but I must warn you that if walking up and down flights and flights of narrow staircases and creaky floorboards that feel like they're going to collapse whenever you walk on them isn't your thing then perhaps the Sherlock Holmes Museum isn't for you.  

It will admit that it was lovely inside and worth the price. They really made the place look like it had been a proper house. The rooms looked ancient as did the artifacts with them. Though I do wish they had made the staircases a tad wider. With so many guests wandering around, there's only room to allow one person at a time in single file to go up or down the stairs.

Another thing I loved about the Sherlock Holmes Museum was that the staff were dressed up in appropriate clothing for the era it is was set in. The males were in suits and the females in blue dresses with a bonnet and an apron. If and when I ever move to London, I would very much like to work there. Dressing up in period clothing all day? Hell yes! You wouldn't even have to pay me. (Ok, so you would because everything in London is extremely expensive)

Another thing they had at the museum were these mannequin figures.

I haven't got the pamphlet that we were given when we went on the tour on me at this current moment in time, but when I do find it I will most definitely update this with the details on what the mannequins are representing. I found them beyond creepy, but they were terrifically done. Kudos to whoever made them. They looked so lifelike, I was scared that one would attack me when I wasn't looking. So, please excuse the rather nervous please-don't-hurt-me smile on my face.

Just solving cases with my main man Sherlock
And this photo says, "I'm going to stand as far away from this as possible so that it doesn't come to life and attack me"
Signing the guestbook
In 'Sherlock's' study, sitting on his chair.
The squad
The museum had an excellent gift shop and I had to resist the urge not to splash all of our left over travel money on all the items in there.
There was everything from fridge magnets, to mugs, to stationery items, to clothing like Sherlock's hat or a cane. Basically, it was one massive Sherlock shop.
Any fans of the BBC series will be pleased as there was Sherlock merchandise for sale too like mugs adorned with Benedict Cumberbatch's face or the books of the episodes.
Eventually, we settled on buying a bookmark and a fridge magnet because everything else was a little over priced. Especially the hats, but if you're a huge Sherlock fan then this place would be your idea of heaven.

Top: the pamphlets from the tour and the bookmark purchased in the gift shop with the quote "There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact"
Right: the Baker Street fridge magnet.

To round up the day just before we dashed off to Paddington Station to get the train home, we popped into Laduree  near Harrods to purchase some macarons. We bought two boxes of six each which came to
around £27. The most expensive snack I have ever had, but well worth the money because the macarons
are scrumptious. It's such a shame that Wales doesn't have a Laduree. Then again, it's probably for the
best otherwise I'd be penniless from spending all my money on macarons.

Outside the Laduree. Cardigan & Leggings: Topshop. Shoes: New Look Top: Debenhams

So, that rounds up my August in London and also concludes my look back at Twenty Fourteen. I've
had some great moments from turning sixteen, to prom, to starting college and I can only hope that
2015 brings equally great blog-worthy memories.

Hope you have a great day!
Until next time,

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