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Friday, 2 January 2015


Welcome to very first of hopefully many Fancast Fridays on my blog. I decided to start off with a book I read right at the end of 2014 called The Selection by Kiera Cass. While I wade my way through the rest of the books I got for Christmas, patiently waiting for March so I can get my hands on the second book in the series, The Elite, I thought I'd do a little fancast of the actors I would love to play America, Maxon and Aspen should The Selection ever get successfully adapted into a television show or film. I say successfully because two pilots for an adaptation have been shot for the CW, but neither have been picked up which is unfortunate.

I'd like to point out that the majority of my fan castings are not true to the looks and appearance as are probably stated in the novel. These castings that I'm going to be doing are going by the kind of character appearance I pictured while reading meaning that certain features etc could be totally off from the book's description.

I haven't seen either of the versions that were filmed, so I'm going to this without any influence from those. These are my picks to portray The Selection characters;


My first pick for the novel's redheaded female protagonist, America Singer, is Disney Channel actress, Katherine McNamara.

With guest appearances in projects like Glee, 30 Rock and Girl vs Monster, Katherine's star is on the rise as her new show Happyland premiered late last year. She'd be brilliant as America as Kat can do the tough, kickass roles (She's about star as Group B co-leader Sonya in The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials) but also do the rather sweet, comedic roles as seen in her earlier Disney work. Not to mention, she'd fit right in the Singer family as Kat can sing! Watch the video to Katherine's debut single Chatter written especially for the anti-bullying movie 'Contest'.
My second pick would be Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden who I've seen be fan casted a few times before on the internet.

I've admired Holland for years and for those who haven't seen the riveting redhead as badass banshee Lydia Martin, you're missing out. Holland has proven her acting chops on the MTV show with how complex her fierce, no-nonsense character is. Judging by the first book, America seems like a character who has many emotions and I think Holland would be able to translate that well on screen.

Much like Katherine, Holland is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to see her in all the gowns and dresses America has to wear. It's no secret that Holland loves fashion and I think she would look simply flawless and every inch the princess all dolled up in America's costumes.

Another pick I have is model, blogger and former Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella.

I'm a massive fan of her blog and to be truthful, while reading I was picturing Alyssa as America. Prior to this, I knew that her boyfriend is actor Torrance Coombs, but I wasn't aware if Alyssa had ever acted herself.
However, I did some research and discovered that she attended a New York institution for Dramatic Art where she studied acting for film and television which means that not only does she already look like a princess, but she can act. She's done a few commercials, but I'd like to see her do something more bigger.


For Maxon, my mind immediately goes to British actor, Max Irons.

Now, I know he gets fan casted for just about everything YA and he may creep up in several of my other Fancast Fridays, but come on! Look at him! 

He's played royalty before as a rather swoon-worthy version of Edward IV in BBC's The White Queen. Max has also dabbled in the YA book-to-movie adaptation pond before after starring in the unfortunately critically panned film version of Stephenie Meyer's The Host.

Another of my choices would be another Brit and popularly fan casted actor, Daniel Sharman

He formerly starred in MTV's Teen Wolf as the adorable Isaac Lahey, but you now can catch him on the CW as blood-sucking vampire Kol in The Originals

Daniel's a great actor and he certainly looks the part of a handsome prince charming like Maxon. I had to include a still of him in When Calls the Heart because how incredibly suited to a regal role does he look? *Collective loving sigh from all the fellow Sharman fangirls out there*

With his jaw that could cut glass and perfectly chiseled cheekbones, actor Douglas Booth is one of my other picks to play Prince Maxon Schreave.

He's starred as one half of the star-crossed lover duo Romeo and Juliet, no points as to guess who he played Juliet, obviously (joking!) in which he was absolutely dreamy in. I had to watch it twice because I was too distracted by his (and Ed Westwick's) beautiful faces to pay attention to the dialogue. Oops.

Douglas recently played arrogant, posh boy in the movie The Riot Club which comes in handy if they decide to make Maxon the stuck up snob that America initially thinks he is - like I heard that they did in one of the failed television versions. In addition to this, you'll be able to drool over watch Douglas as rich and eligible (Sound like a certain prince we know?) Mr. Bingley in an upcoming adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's novel Pride, Prejudice and Zombies very soon.

Another choice for Maxon is William Moseley.
I'll forgive you for not knowing who he is. Although, you should. The twenty-seven year old Brit has starred in one of my favourite childhood film series, The Chronicles of Narnia, as Peter Pevensie.

In addition to this, William's going to be in starring in E!'s new totally fictional take on the British monarchy as Prince Liam.

You can see a trailer for The Royals here and a featurette of William's character, Liam, here.

The interwebs also inform me that William was meant to star in CW's failed attempt of The Selection adaptation as Aspen. While he is a hundred percent my Maxon, I would definitely settle for him as Aspen because he is hotter than Hades.


Now, I'd like to just mention that my fancast of Daniel Sharman also applies here. But here are my other three picks for America's secret boyfriend and army member turned Royal Guard, Aspen Leger.

The first is Canadian actor Torrance Coombs who starred in The Tudors and can currently be seen playing King Henry's bastard son, Sebastian, in CW's Reign.

Torrance leaps out to me as a perfect Aspen because much like in The Selection, Torrance's Reign character also had himself caught up in a complex relationship situation where the female also had affections towards another guy. Inevitably, he lost out to the other guy and while I haven't read The Elite so I don't know what happens to America and Aspen, I am hazarding a guess that Maxon will probably pick America to be his new wife meaning that Aspen will lose her forever much like Torrance's character Bash lost out on Mary.  So, he's used to his characters having heartbreak, right?
I also think he'd be a great Aspen because he's a talented actor and very lovable. While I'm rooting for Maxon and somewhat resent Aspen, I think that he has his own little qualities that make him admirable. I reckon Torrance could play him well and make me like Aspen a little bit more.

My second pick is English actor and Alfred Enoch. Enoch is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter franchise, but more recently for his role as Wes Gibbins in the ABC legal drama How to Get Away with Murder.

While I can't remember too much about Aspen's description in the novel other than his dark hair and green eyes, I don't think matters too much and I'm sure the screengrab of Enoch in a minor role he had a guard in BBC's Sherlock is enough to convince you that he'd make a good Aspen.

Let me know who you'd like to see play America, Maxon and Aspen if The Selection ever makes it to screen.

Hope you have a great day!
Until next time,

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