Kingsman: The Secret Service

2 February 2015

"Manners maketh man."

Growing up, I always wanted to be a spy..or a princess. Sadly, I had to cross the latter off my list when William married Kate and let's face it, I'd be a pretty useless spy because I'm clumsy as hell. But you know who doesn't make a terribly spy? Colin Firth.

Heaven in a place on Firth in the actor's newest project.

The Pride and Prejudice heartthrob turns action hero in his lastest flick Kingsman: The Secret Service playing Harry Hart, a dapper and ultra-sauve secret agent of the Kingsman. Harry puts the gent in agent, fighting enemies without a single hair straying out of place. Firth's character doesn't do disheveled as we learn that 'manners maketh men'. Take note, guys.

The Eliza Doolittle to Firth's Henry Higgins is Welsh actor Taron Egerton who plays Eggsy, a troublesome youth from working-class south London who is recruited by Harry to join the elite organisation.

Aside from Mr Darcy tackling a pub full of rampaging thugs armed with just an umbrella, the film also features an impeccable cast. This includes Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson, who supporting a lisp, plays the villain of a movie.

Kingsman: The Secret Service directed Matthew Vaughn is an adaptation of the comic The Secret Service by writer Mark Millar and artist Dave Gibbons (best known for Kick-Ass and Watchmen) and puts a exciting spin on a well-worn genre.
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Another thing I enjoyed was the dynamic between Eggsy and Harry. Egerton and Firth have superb chemistry as their mentor/student relationship develops, forming an unspoken fatherly bond.

Also, compared to the comics, Kingsman: The Secret Services features a lot more female presence in the film. There's the aforementioned Gazelle, Valentine's aide-de-camp, played by trained dancer and gymnast Sofia Boutella. Her performance adds Kill Bill levels of lightning-fast brutality tempered by lithe grace to several key fight scenes. In addition to Gazelle, there is Eggsy's fellow trainee, Roxy
What I wore
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Jumper: GAP London, Oxford Street
played by Sophie Cookson who also shines. Roxy comes into her own as a competent agent without being reduced to a predictable love interest which I was exceedingly pleased about.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is tremendously enjoyable throughout and Taron Egerton makes for an utterly charming lead. It's an exhilarating, thrilling ride and with brave plot that'll either make you squee or cry and tense action sequences that involve an extremely nail-biting skydive. 

It also features what is possibly the best ever use of KC and the Sunshine Band's party song 'Give It Up'.

Hope you have a great day! Make it even better by going to see Kingsman: The Secret Service in cinemas NOW! (It releases February 13th for all you U.S. folk)
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