Pancakes and Shades of Grey?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I thought today was a Sunday, so I was about to announce that it was time for our weekly ramble. Alas, it turns out that the half term holiday is turning my brain to mush already because it is in fact a Tuesday.
Anyway, considering that it's a special kind of Tuesday I thought that I would make a post. Yes, regular book blogging will ensue as normal tomorrow with a book review.

Today is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day! I made a really bad pun on Twitter this morning regarding Shrove Tuesday, but that's nothing new.

For those of you who aren't from the UK or don't have the glorious day of pancakes where you're from, here's a little History lesson and I'll try not to be too dull.
Shrove Tuesday marks the day before the beginning of Lent in the Christian Calendar. It is also known as 'Mardi Gras' (French for 'Fat Tuesday'). Traditionally it was the day that all the fat in a household was used up prior to the Lenten fast. Many countries around the world hold carnivals on this day. Here in Blighty, it is traditional to eat pancakes.

So, eat all the pancakes - but not too many because you don't want to be sick like some unfortunate soul was back when I was primary! (Odd how that's the first memory I associate with Pancake Day)

"So this happening..."
In other news, if you didn't see my tweet very late last night, I watched Fifty Shades of Grey.

I reviewed the book late last year and I thought that it was rather alright. I did attempt to read Fifty Shades Darker, but it was just so ridiculous (The Christian's ex-subs trying to assassinate Ana sort of plot) and I gave up. Though, I may give it a second chance when I have more time.

The film wasn't bad, but it wasn't brilliant either. I'm not going to get into the technicality of all the controversy surrounding it or rather Christian's stalker-like tendencies because that's better left to people who have more knowledge on that subject.

It had quite a few elements of the book in it which was pleasing and obviously Jamie Dornan was easy on the eyes. But the dialogue. Oh, the dialogue. Apart from swooning at the inclusion of "Laters, baby" everything else was rather meh. It missed the excitement of the book and the witty remarks that Christian and Ana often exchange. Even the e-mails which were a rather clever and fun part of the book were a bit lacklustre. I was expecting more of a Bridget Jones-Daniel Cleaver esque e-mail scene between the two.
Petite Fedora: ASOS (Sould out)
Skirt: Topshop

My main problem for finding it so disappointing wasn't the terrible, choppy dialogue and the poorly executed steamy scenes which, when they did finally happen to do the horizontal tango, were just plain boring. It was that I think Sam Taylor-Johnson took it too seriously and in turn made a rather dull 109 minutes which lacked intense romance or any of the comedic moments between Ana and Christian from the book. The only moment which was mildly amusing in the film was the 'business meeting' between Ana and Christian and even that lacked some of the humour possibly due to the script and the rather soulless chemistry between Jamie and Dakota.

If Fifty Shades does get a sequel and after its performance at the box office it seems wholly likely, then I hope that it's a lot better. There are rumours that Sam Taylor-Johnson may not be back to direct it after clashing with E.L. James on their different opinions regarding what the movie should be about. And after not thinking much of Fifty Shades Darker and reading ridiculous little parts of what happens, like Mia getting kidnapped by a man from Christian's past leaving Ana to save the day, it doesn't seem like I'll be racing to see the sequel anytime soon. 

However, props to the team who picked out the soundtrack for the movie. Beyonce's remix of Crazy in Love especially for the film and Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do were spectacular.

What did you think of the movie?

Have a great day!
Until next time,

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  1. Happy Pancake Day to you too! I had pancakes. :) And umm I won't be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey because it doesn't interest me and there's too much hype and conflict everywhere about it and I really just want to watch Insurgent soon sooo....yeah. :)


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