Saying Goodbye to the Circus (AHS 4x13)

Sunday, 1 February 2015

It's that time of the year again where the latest season American Horror Story comes to an end. Cue the sad tears and counting down the days until its return in October.

I had so many high hopes when Ryan Murphy announced that he was going to bring the circus to the hit anthology series. There were so many dark directions to take this concept of a freak show and American Horror Story: Freak Show started out with so much potential. However, like Coven it lost its footing and couldn't match Murder House, let alone the show's terrifying second season, Asylum.

Perhaps, the freakiest thing of all this season was it's epic opening credits.

However, Freak Show wasn't all doom and gloom. In fact, I actually found the season finale rather emotional. Regardless of the quality of this series compared to the others, I guess I did care for some characters over the course of the season and that showed when I began sobbing tears of sadness. Oh, October, hurry up!

So many spoilers ahead! So if you haven't seen the finale. A) Where have you been? and B) You've been warned!
Elsa Mars slapping a b----!
Nobody does it better than Jessica Lange. She is superb in every series of American Horror Story. I had so much love and symapthy for Elsa and her Hollywood dream. Was she the best character Lange's ever played on the show? No. But she was a brilliant character in her own right. The iconic moment was Elsa slapping a secretary at an acting agency. This just goes to prove that you don't stand in the way of Elsa Mars and her dreams. I'm sure that Ethel can vouch for that!

"You get a bullet! And YOU get a bullet! Everyone gets a bullet!!"

Dandy's infinite bullet massacre
I've made it no secret that I think Dandy Mott is pretty damn hot and definitely one of the best things about Freak Show. While Elsa's chasing her dreams of becoming a star, back in Jupiter, Dandy's reprising his role as murderer and is off to kill some people!
Armed with a solid gold revolver, Dandy Mott borrowed some tips from Oprah (I bet he's a big fan) and began popping off all the freaks. The kid has remarkably great aim, might I add, and he also never runs out of bullets. 
In addition to this, the scene where Dandy is searching a hiding Desiree's trailer was so nerve-wracking. My heart was almost pumping out of my chest!

The sisters' sweet revenge
After a forced marriage ceremony to Dandy, which featured a beautiful harp solo and his stuffed animals bearing witness, the twins did a completely 180 on their serial killing husband. 
It's revealed that while playing house with Dandy, Bette and Dot secretly teamed up with Jimmy and Desiree to exact revenge on the psycho for killing their friends. You go, Bette and Dot!

Dandy's Death (Featuring some inspiring last words)
When freaks kill, they go all out and Dandy Mott met his theatrical, yet inevitable, end this episode.
The unlikely murder team of Jimmy, Desiree, Bette and Dott lock Dandy up in the Houdini water drowning box in nothing but saggy tighty whities. I would like to thank them for that.
He retaliates with calm logic - "I'm not an escape artist. I'm a song and dance man! I forgive you ladies for this - marriage is hard."
When reasoning and trying to buy your way out with money doesn't seem to work, just before he reaches his demise Dandy utters those famous words which soon become his last. "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you"

At the same time, Jimmy, Desiree and the twins sit down with a bag of popcorn to watch the rich, spoilt psycho drown to death.
In a comically brilliant moment, the ultimate dream team seem to approve of their work in killing off Mr. Mott.

Huston and Lange
In Coven he played the murderous Axeman. She played the baddest witch in town. They spent eternity together in a hellhole surrounded by knotty pine. This season, Danny Huston is back playing Massimo Dolcefino, an old flame of Elsa Mars'.
Just when it seems these two might get the happily ever after they both want and Elsa is proposing for the pair to run to Rome, Dolcefino confesses that he is dying of lung cancer.
God, can't they just have one happy ending!

Mordrake's back!
The award for most dramatic death goes to Elsa Mars
Props to the writing team for continuity! As Elsa agrees to perform on Halloween, guess who show's up? It's only Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games. Edward Mordrake aka 'Mr. Don't Perform on Halloween or I'll Kill You' returns to claim Elsa and he does it live on stage while she is singing a glorious rendition of Bowie's Heroes. Is there really any other way to go?
Surrounded by his eerie, green signature smoke and old friends like Twisty the Clown, Mordrake announces to Miss Mars that her place isn't with them in their Halloween killing club.

Freak Show Heaven. 
Can I get a tissue for my tears? This scene was so beautiful and in my opinion, the perfect ending for Freak Show.
So she may have missed out on joining Mordrake's circle of death, but never fret! After her death, Elsa wakes up in heaven. A freak show heaven! All the freaks are there to welcome Elsa with open arms. Paul got married to Lizard Girl and Ethel is here too. The bearded lady embraces her long time friend and it seems she's forgiven Elsa for stabbing her in the eye with that knife.

It's actually rather sweet seeing all the freaks again and I ended up crying a thousand rivers. Even if Freak Show wasn't the best season, I still tuned in every week and still grew a fond attachment to the characters. The finale even made me realise that I had been missing Kathy Bates' ridiculous accent this series.

Another adorable moment was Elsa seeing Ma Petite again after the cruel Del suffocated the poor girl to death. Jyoti did a brilliant job in American Horror Story: Freak Show as did all the new actors that joined this season.

Freak Show ended how it should have done. With Elsa being reunited with her freaks and donning the iconic blue tux to perform Life on Mars again to a packed audience up in heaven. Desiree ended up having a family and living happily ever after as did the twins. Although, Jimmy ended up putting a bun in their oven which I'll admit was inevitable, but I mean I hope wasn't the only one who kind of rooted for Jimmy to have a happy ending of his own and marry someone outside of the freak show. Alas, I'm glad things worked out for him. In addition to this, I have to add with a heavy heart that I'm pleased Dandy got what he deserved. He may have been my favourite character in Freak Show, but he was a psycho and psychos never win. Just ask Tate from the first season.

If this finale really was a homage to the flawless Jessica Lange as alluded to in Ryan Murphy's tweet then I'm afraid that Lange didn't quite go out with a bang. And that disappoints me. She steals the show every season and it's a shame to see her go on a season that I didn't truly love with all my heart.

No pressure, Ryan, but write this woman a character she can't refuse for season five!

I really hope that she decides to stay on because American Horror Story without Jessica Lange won't the same.

If like me, you can't wait for season five and you're already suffering American Horror Story withdrawal symptoms then why not indulge yourself on some speculation about the next series. Here is a theory that it could be based on Operation Top Hat. What do you think season 5 will be about? Did you enjoy Freak Show?

Hope you have a great day!
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