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25 June 2015

Don't worry I haven't gone all 'beauty guru' on you. This post won't be featuring my favourite beauty products of the month (purely because I'm totally unadventurous and stick to the same old brands I always use). 

Instead, I'm going to be sharing with you things that I've loved this month. This list will mainly be compromised of movies and television shows because other than books that's what I spend my time indulging in. I'm interested to know what you've read, watched and discovered this month so feel free to leave a comment with some recommendations.


I've been excited for Jurassic World since it was announced way back in 2002. Since its announcement there's been a lot of changes in the development regarding the plot, the director, the actors, but it's finally here!

I went to go to see it with my mum last Sunday and am in fact going to see it again today because it was that awesome. It definitely didn't disappoint. Naturally, it was a tad cliche in some parts but that's so be expected. I thought it did well in having the same kind of vibe as the 'Park' movies.

Jurassic World is set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park and Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. Atfer 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction of dinosaur is created to re-spark visitors' interests. However, this experiment backfires horribly.

I loved Jurassic World. It completely exceeded my expectations. Owen Grady (played by the ever so brilliant Chris Pratt) trains this wonderful Velociraptor squad that I absolutely adored. It was also great to see Rexy back and kicking ass. The dinosaur scenes were absolutely phenomenal.

Also I have a major girl crush on Bryce Dallas Howard after watching the movie. She is hair goals. There's been mixed opinions on Bryce's character Jurassic World executive, Claire Dearing. However, I thought her character and her development was great. If you want to read more about why Claire Dearing is badass and a good, strong female character, The Young Folks have a brilliant write up here. And hey, everything she did in that movie which includes attempting to save her nephews, who are lost in the park, from the Indominus Rex and practically saving the day by remembering that good ol' Rexy was a possible asset in stopping the Indominus, she did it all in heels!

Major props to Bryce!

P.S. Jurassic World is made even more awesome by it's soundtrack or rather the titles of the tracks on it. They're extremely pun-ny and you can see them here. My personal favourites are "Our Rex is Bigger Than Yours", "Indominus Wrecks" and "Owen You Nothing"

Jurassic World is in cinemas now.


It's probably best to have some tissues at the ready because this is one emotional topic. If you haven't seen the Game of Thrones finale yet then a) What are you doing with your life? and b) SPOILERS AHEAD!

So, let's talk about everyone's favourite Lord Commander and why he's absolutely not dead because unless I see a bald Kit Harington then I will continue to refuse to believe he is dead.

For the past few days I have spent every waking moment mourning Jon's sudden and brutal death. I have also been taking great comfort in the multitude of articles that the internet has reassuring me that Kit Harington is a lying liar who lies.

Vanity Fair have a nice little article on why we can't have seen the end of Kit on Thrones just yet which you can read here.

All of my fellow Jon Snow fans who are still grieving need not worry, you are not alone. Some wonderful person has erected a Jon Snow altar on a street corner in Williamsburg. Never change, Brooklyn, never change.

If your blood still boils at the mention of actual Satan, Olly, then here's a Jon tribute video to calm you down or make you drown in your tears. Watch it here.

Game of Thrones is expected to return to HBO sometime next year.


"But Sam don't you spend most of your life obsessing over humans? Like those actors you're always fangirling about?" While that it is true, I'm talking about the new Channel 4/AMC show Humans.

Set in suburban London, Humans takes place in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synth – a highly developed, artificially intelligent servant eerily similar to its living counterpart. Synths are transforming the way we live, but can we really trust them?

Everything humans can do, the Synths can do better, faster and cheaper which causes some to doubt the point in going to school in order to get an education. Other than the worry of future unemployment, Humans raises the stakes even more by implying there are larger issues.

Professor Edwin Hobb (played by Danny Webb), is a synth scientist and co-creator who has worked alongside the man most responsible for the brilliance of the synths. Hobb now believes that a core group of the robots are evolving beyond the limits of the science — becoming capable of emotions and intelligence beyond the operating codes, demonstrating a kind of free will. He’s been tracking them down — but we don't know for what purpose.

Now, the first two episodes of Humans have already aired here in the UK on Channel 4, but for all you American readers the first episode will be shown on Sunday the 28th of June on AMC. I've embedded the trailer below for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of viewing Humans just yet to get a glimpse at what's in store.
I've spent the last two weeks gushing about how incredible this cast and this show is. Gemma Chan plays Anita, the Synth that the Hawkins family purchase to help them with their everyday tasks and she does a ridiculously fantastic job of doing so.

The cast also includes Merlin star Colin Morgan, Katherine Parkinson, William Hurt and Game of Thrones' Loras Tyrell's lover Will Tudor who plays the most adorable Synth around called Odi.

While Humans explores our increasingly complex relationship with technology in the modern age, I can definitely say that it has confirmed my inner fears about artificial intelligence. The concept frightens me and while the idea of having someone else do all the house work does sound lovely, I wouldn't want a Synth.

Humans is on in the UK every Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4. It begins airing in the US on Sunday 28th June at 9pm on AMC.

As far as books go, you can expect a review of Cassandra Clare's The Bane Chronicles in the next couple of days. You can see what I'm currently reading either on sidebar widget on the right hand side of the blog or on my GoodReads profile.

Let me know what you've been obsessing over this June or if you've seen Jurassic World, Game of Thrones or Humans leave a comment and I'll be happy to exchange theories, opinions or simply converse about them.

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