Book Review: The Kiss

8 June 2015

Thank to the team at NetGalley and Hachette Children's Books for providing me with a copy of The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay in exchange for an honest review.

The story line is reminiscent of a Shakespearean comedy. Delilah keeps telling her best friend, Tabby, and herself that the legend of Aphrodite's Kiss isn't real after sharing a strangely magical kiss with a boy while in France.
But when she accidentally ruin's Tabby's relationship, the two friends come up with an elaborate plan to fix things, including utilizing the legendary Kiss to make Tabby's ex-boyfriend, Sam, fall back in love with her. 

They have to keep track of who has the Kiss and plan how they're going to get it back. Of course ridiculousness and hilarity ensue. 
Meanwhile Delilah tries to juggle a new job, college courses, her drop-dead-gorgeous French pen pal's impending visit, and a sexy coworker she can't stop thinking about…all while working toward the ultimate goal of pushing Sam and Tabby back together.

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Filled with an array of exceedingly entertaining characters, good old sarcastic British humour and enough drama to keep you invested, The Kiss is a hilarious, quick and fun read.

There was always some sub-plot or a twist that made you want to keep reading. Arguably, with so many characters it got quite chaotic on occasion. But the story was never too complex that I couldn't follow it. And I'll love any book that involves a little bit of Shakespeare even if they did have to spice up Much Ado About Nothing with some zombies which is definitely one I would pay to see.

At seventeen, I did worry that I may too old for the demographic that this book is trying to hit which I believe are teens who are a tad younger than me. Surprisingly, this wasn't the case. I think this was largely down to Lucy Courtenay's writing. It's bubbly and easy-going without feeling childish.

The Kiss didn't have single dull moment. At times it could be elaborate, but I guess that's all the part of fun of books. The characters were utterly charming - especially Jem and I think in some aspects it was relatable. You don't have to be into Shakespeare and mythology to enjoy it because the characters alone are entertaining enough, but I guess if you're into "geeky" things like that it does make it more of a page-turner.

And heck, it's made me want to visit Paris all over again in hopes I'll get a nice little beach kiss from someone who can talk mythology to me. So, if Laurent would politely like to leave his details then...Wait, never mind, he's fictional. Damn it! If I've learnt anything from YA romance novels, it's that boys are always better in fiction and Jem is certainly no exception that statement.

The Kiss is a nice, lighthearted book. It's the perfect read when you want to relax and unwind after an extremely busy day. It's a fun and flirty novel where you can just kick back and lose yourself in the romance and comedy without having to think too hard or piece together what'll happen next.

The Kiss doesn't get published until the 2nd of July but if you're a hopeless romantic who believe true love's kiss, or in this case Aphrodite's Kiss, can conquer all then this is definitely the one for you!

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  1. I do love me some bubbly and easy-going writing sometimes, but I don't feel like I'll read THE KISS since it sounds like a book completely off my radar.

    I'm really glad you enjoyed it though, Samantha! :)

  2. This sounds cute and like a perfect summer read!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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