Fancast Friday: To All The Boys I've Loved Before

21 August 2015

Fancast Friday has become a bit of a rarity on blog in recent months. Purely, because it's so difficult to keep posting fancasts to relevant books that you guys enjoy too. Most of the books I read now are sent to me so they're pretty recently published and a lot of them may not have massive, established fandoms surrounding them. There's a lot of books I'd love to fancast, but at the same time I don't want to post a fancast for something that a lot you may not be interested in.
Future note so I can keep Fancast Friday alive: Please suggest some books for me to read/fancast! You can see books I've read here or here. To send suggestions leave a comment, or reach out to me on Twitter or GoodReads.

So, behold the To All The Boys I've Loved Before fancast! A lot of my fellow bookworms are fans of Jenny Han's bestselling novel and if you haven't heard nor read it then you can check out my review for links and information about TATBILB. 

Disclaimer: These are not necessarily actors who fit the character descriptions to a T. They're just people who I think match what I pictured while reading, but also who I think will able to portray these characters really well on screen should we ever get to see an adaptation of To All The Boys

Also, this gets a bit ranty in the first section because I really wanted to speak about the neglect of POC actors/actresses in the industry due to recent whitewashing issues in high profile projects. I'm not sorry if that doesn't interest you because it should. Also, I didn't fancast EVERY character because it would have been a super long post. Although, I do have some ideas for the likes of Genevieve etc. So if you want a Part 2 to this fancast, let me know! You all know that I'll be fancasting John Cho as Lara Jean's dad anyway because John Cho deserves all the things.


While browsing to see who other people thought should play Lara Jean, I didn't see many options that I thought really fit the character best. I know I saw Hailee Steinfeld pop up quite a lot and while I do have her back because we've got Filipino blood running through our veins, she's not Lara Jean to me. Arden Cho is definitely another casting choice I've seen floating around which I don't mind. I don't think Arden would be a bad Lara Jean at all.

That being said my first pick for Lara Jean is Vietnamese actress, Lana Condor.

Lana, born Tran Don Lan, was adopted at an infant from a Vietnamese orphanage by then Chicago Tribune health and fitness writer Bob Condor. You can read about the story of the adoption, of Lana and her brother, in the Chicago Tribune Magazine here. She has become an accomplished dancer, attending the renowned Joffrey Ballet School and Ailey/Performing Arts School and performing with the Los Angeles Ballet. She was also named a California Arts Scholar in theatre for 2014.

Lana's still very new to being a jobbing actor in the industry. Her first credited screen role will be as Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee in Marvel's upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. However, she's no stranger to the craft of acting itself, playing Amber Von Tussle in her high school's production of "Hairspray" and in 2013 Lana was Leilani in the musical "Legally Blonde."

I haven't seen much of her acting as of yet, but I'm sure if Marvel were willing to cast this actress with very little experience on screen then she must be incredibly talented. From what I've seen of her at Comic Con she comes across as a total sweetheart who is undeniably funny so I have no doubt she could portray Lara Jean well.

Another choice would be Brianne Tju, who despite a lengthy IMDB resume, probably isn't that well known. If you've seen my Tumblr or Instagram, you'll know I'm currently obsessed with MTV's new show Scream, based on the slasher movie franchise, which Brianne starred in before her character, Riley, met a gruesome and heartbreaking demise.

I'd really like to see more of Brianne. I'm aware that she's done a bit of work with Disney Channel, but that was after I slipped out of the age demographic and moved onto more gritteHow to Get Away with Murder. However, she was terrific in Scream and while I'm too old and just don't care for new Disney Channel to tune in, I'm sure that she was amazing on Liv and Maddie. But nothing'll beat That's So Raven, I'm just saying.
r shows that teach you just

Basically, there aren't many up and coming young Asian actresses right now who are under twenty or in their earlier twenties which says a lot about the industry. I could name about thirty teenage white actresses who are newcomers to the wonderful world of acting, but honestly I couldn't name many Asian actresses who are also getting their start in the industry. That for me is a big problem.

With roles getting whitewashed nearly every day *cough* The Hunger Games movie with the Katniss. Also, Marvel's Dr. Strange trying to justify casting Tilda Swinton as an Asian man as if there were no Asian actresses willing to take the role. *cough* I'd hate to see that happen to To All The Boys. While I have mixed opinions on the book itself, I think if they made it into a movie then it would really be great to have young leading Asian actress for once and obviously leading Asian cast. It be would something I'd definitely champion and promote the hell out of! I know of a few novels with Asian main character leads that are amazing and deserve to have their own book to movie adaptations, but there needs to be more progressive content. We need more Asian lead films and franchises. Or better yet, take a white character and make him/her Asian! If it's perfectly acceptable to race bend in Dr. Strange when let's be real, there's enough white actresses and that role could have gone to an Asian actress then why the worry of doing the opposite? This applies to African-American actors as well as Asians. Actually, you know what, this applies to any non-white actor!

It's baffling how in 2015, it's still considered a risk to cast a POC actor/actress because you're worried it won't make big bucks at the box office. If you're still sitting there asking what the big deal is then please take the time to enlighten yourself and this article and look at some of the shocking statistics like the one posted above. As an actor myself seeing this is really disheartening and needs to change.


Less of a rant and more of the casting as we move onto who I think would best bring the swoon-some Peter K to life. This one is hard because Hollywood has no shortage of young teenage male actors would be great at playing smug, but likable characters so I'm narrowing it down to just three choices. I'm sure a lot of people have ideas in their head of who they want Peter to be, so be sure to share those with me!

Probably an obvious choice given the rise of his profile since the release of Jurassic World, but I think that Nick Robinson would be a good choice for Peter.

I'll be honest and say apart from seeing him run from the Indominus Rex and catching a few episodes of Melissa and Joey on ill days from school, I haven't seen much of Nick's work. However, I do know he's set to play Ben Parish in the adaptation of The 5th Wave which hits theaters in 2016.
Appearance wise, he's Peter to me and I think he'd play Peter rather well based on the tidbits of his acting that I have seen..

I'm expecting this one to be the most controversial pick because you're either going to hate me or love me for this.

It's Ansel Elgort. Honestly, I really can picture him as Peter and as much as it pains me to admit this, I think he'd do a really good job.

He truly wasn't bad in The Fault in Our Stars and I think he nailed the part of Augustus Waters which I surprised by. Gus' character is complicated to portray because you need to have the right amount of smug, charm and confidence without coming across as a bit on ass. So, I think he really pinned down that balance and despite his problematic tendencies, I think he's an alright actor.


You all know that I'm not overly fond of Margot's character in the novel, but considering the Song Sisters are a vital part of To All The Boys, I think it's important I include her in the fancast. Also, I have three actress suggestions of which I think I would be able to make Margot likable for me.

First up is English actress Gemma Chan who I absolutely adore for a multitude of reasons.

Not only is such a ridiculously talented at acting and is trained in playing the violin and piano, but Gemma's incredibly smart too. She graduated from Oxford University with a law degree and was offered a training contract at leading firm Slaughter and May before deciding her heart was in law and going on to pursue acting at Drama Centre London.

She's been a lot of shows from Sherlock to Dates, but if you're looking to see Gemma's acting skills in their fullest then I suggest you check out the show Humans which is aired on Channel 4 (UK) and AMC (US). I've said it before and I'll say it again, but she is absolutely phenomenal in that show. I cannot praise her and her co-star's incredible performances enough.

Overall, I think she'd make an incredible Margot. She's proven that she is exceptionally talented and she is actually really a lovely person from what I've seen of her on social media and in interviews. 100% my Margot!

Image result for arden choThere's a strong Arden Cho fan club out there who'd like to see her in To All The Boys. So, I guess it would be criminal not to include her as Margot even though she's not my main choice.

Arden is an American actress probably best known for her role as Kira Yukimura on MTV's Teen Wolf. I used to be a huge fan of Teen Wolf, but recently the show has been getting sloppier and sloppier. However, Arden is terrific as Kira and does deserve better character writing than what she is given for her role. I've seen a lot of hate for her and her character which is unfair because out of the current Teen Wolf line up she is definitely the least problematic and most generous actress there.

My last choice for Margot is Nikki Soohoo. You may not have heard of her, but Nikki has been a long time favourite of mine. She's Chinese-American and most probably recognised for her role as Denise "Dolly" Le Ang in The Lovely Bones. 

Nikki and I have been long time Facebook friends and as fellow actors, I guess that's where most of my support for her stems from. Wanting to see someone who I've followed for awhile achieve success. She made a brief cameo in one episode of Pretty Little Liars as Brenda, a student who deals drugs to Spencer. Her most recent part to date is playing Juliet in Shakespeare's Orange County's Summerfest production of Romeo and Juliet which you can read about here.

All three of these actresses would make great Margots. I completely suggest that you check out all three of them and their work if you're not totally familiar with either of them because each one is an amazing actress.


I don't have that many Josh choices. I was sort of indifferent to his character in the book, so I don't honestly have a definite picture in my mind of what he looks like or who should portray him. 

What a surprise (not) that I'm going to say Julian Morris for my first suggestion. This is largely because I will forever love Wren from Pretty Little Liars. As cute as Spoby are, I'm still Team Wrencer all the way...oops!
I think I've included in Julian in other fancasts and that's because I'd love to see him in more things! He was recently in New Girl as Ryan and occasionally pops up as Prince Philip in ABC's Once Upon A Time, but other than that he's not been in a plethora of projects.

Plus, if I had to have an opinion on Josh in the novel, I'd have to say that I'd lean more towards disliking him. No offence to anyone who did enjoy his character, I just...didn't. The setting up of a love traingle when he was supposed to be with Margot had me side-eyeing him so hard. However, because Wren's shady as hell on Pretty Little Liars and yet somehow I still think he's a charming English cupcake, I would think that Julian would bring some charisma to this character. Maybe, and just maybe, he could make me like him.

OK, let's switch it up a bit. Ki Hong Lee is easily one of my choices for Peter Kavinsky as well as Josh Sanderson.

You all saw The Maze Runner movie, right? (If you haven't, go watch it now. While you still have time before Scorch Trials fever ensues next month!) So you'll understand what I mean when I say he could play both Peter or Josh flawlessly. His undeniably swoon-worthy role as Minho bagged him fourth place on People's "Sexist Men Alive" list back in 2014, but he's also starred in a number of short films and skits on YouTube with Wong Fu Productions which are more on the comedic, not-running-through-life-threatening-mazes side.

If you don't know much about Ki Hong, then I'll leave this link to his IMDB page here where you should definitely check out some his filmography. I know that he's been in a few episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but I don't watch that show. All I heard is that his character is called Dong and is essentially the stereotypical Asian, so I haven't really bothered to watch that one for reasons.

Ki Hong could effortlessly be either Kavinsky or Sanderson, but I really don't have that many choices for Josh so that's why I put him this category. I've seen other suggestions online which include the likes of Joel Courtney and such, but I'd love to hear who you'd fancast as Lara Jean, Margot, Peter K, Josh and the rest of the To All The Boys gang, so leave me a comment below.

Hope you have a great day! Happy reading!
Until next time,

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  1. Lana Condor actually is playing Lara Jean in the movie adaptation!

  2. I've just seen the news! I'm very excited. I'd like to think it was all down to me, of course haha.

  3. Lovely picks! I would love to see Lana Condor and Nick Robinson play Lara Jean and Peter. They look just perfect to me ��


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