Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where else can I find you?
You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, TumblrGoodReads and my brand new Facebook page. For professionals and authors, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn
  • Who made your logo?
It was made by the lovely artist Carla Chua. You can visit her website here. I highly recommend her. She is super friendly to work with and very talented.
  • Will you review my book?/Where can I send an ARC?
Firstly, please have a read of my review policy.  Once you've done that, you can send me an e-mail over at samkilfordblogATgmailDOTcom and include the subject 'Review Request'.

While I do prefer to have physical copies of the novel, usually because I like to take pictures of the book for my review, I often do accept virtual copies. Please note that if you plan to send me an ARC or copy of a novel via e-mail, I am only able to accept it in epub or pdf format.

Female authors - please let me know if you'd like me to also feature your novel on my female literature centric blog Books By Females. I will do a short post of what your book is about, along with a photo (please read the BBF guidelines here) and link back to my review posted on this site.
  • Do you promote authors?/Will you promote or advertise my book etc?
Yes! I can advertise books instead of reviewing them. Right now, I'm looking to feature books penned by female authors as well as works with female-driven storylines so please do get in touch with me about that!

Find out more about advertisement and book promotion here.
  • Have you read [BOOK NAME] by [AUTHOR]? Can you review it?
You can check what I have/haven't read by using the search tool at the bottom of the blog.

If there's a certain book that I haven't read and you'd really like me to review then you can get in contact with me either by leaving a comment on a post or recommending me it through GoodReads and I'll consider it.
  • Are you open to do blog tours/giveaways/etc?
Yes! Feel free to contact me via e-mail in order to arrange anything.
  • Would you be interested in sponsorship/advertising my product/business?
Please contact me via samkilfordblogATgmailDOTcom to with as much detail you can about your shop/business/product and we can discuss the type of promotion you'd like and the cost.
  • Can you write a think piece/guest post for my blog?
I'm open to writing for other online publications or blogs about a range of topics from my speciality of books and entertainment to politics and world issues. Please feel free to get in touch me via e-mail with a link to your website and the kind of article you'd like to me to write.
  • Who are you?/Other personal questions about myself
You can learn a little more about yours truly from my  'About Me' page or from visiting any of my social media that is linked all over this blog.
  • I sent you this to review awhile ago and the review is still not up?
Here's where I have to tell you that it's not you, it's definitely me.

I go through really bad reading slumps. I don't know really know how to explain it. Sometimes I just really can't get in the mood reading and it's frustrating for me too. By all means if you feel like it's been months then please follow up with me. Chances are that me and books have fallen out of love for a bit, but it could be that I'm focusing on other writing ventures too and haven't got round to it yet. If you do have a set time frame you'd like the review to be completed by then please let me know beforehand in the e-mail request.

In addition to this, if I had a very negative opinion of your book and it's going to a get review rating of less than two stars, then I probably won't review it after I'm done. I have published one star reviews for sent books in the past and felt very awful about it so made it a new policy of mine not to do it unless I get the go-ahead.

I appreciate every author that contacts me asking for a review and I don't want to insult anyone. I'm happy to post negative reviews for my own purchases and reading choices, but I don't like posting overwhelmingly negative reviews for any ARC copies or books sent to me. So, if I didn't enjoy your book then I won't post about it. I try to contact authors first and let them see a draft concept that I did for a review. I do try to be nice in explaining why I didn't enjoy it and make a positive spin by highlighting points why someone else might enjoy it. If you're happy with me to run that draft on the blog, then I will. 

If you're still waiting on a review, don't hesitate to follow up with me!
  • Can I use some of the images in your posts elsewhere?
Unless it's blatantly a .png of a book cover or a promotional movie poster, then most of the photos I use in my posts are taken by me. For example, the pictures of physical book copies in my reviews and the photos included in my personal or travel posts are all taken by me or immediate family members. One of the reasons I love physical copies as opposed to e-books is getting to take rather aesthetically pleasing pictures with them - normally featuring a nice bunch of flowers!

If you'd like to use one of the images used in any post about books/travel/etc, then please drop me an e-mail. Don't repost them elsewhere without asking - especially not Pinterest and WeHeartIt, I beg you.

If I use an image from elsewhere, I do try and give credit where possible. If you see your image being used here without the correct credentials, then please contact me to resolve it and I will either take it down or add the source.
  • Can you recommend me some books?
I'd love to! Let me know which books you've previously read that you love and what kinds of genres you like and then tweet me @SamanthaKilford or reach out to me with a message on GoodReads.
  • Where do you get your books?
Mainly online because it can be cheaper than going into a bookstore and there's the bonus of purchasing in pyjamas. Amazon is great for buying books in bulk, but if I'm fussy and would like a particular cover (for the aesthetic - which is what I believe the kids say) then Book Depository is where I go!
  • More about Book Depository...
I'm a part of Book Depository's affiliate scheme.

Basically, any time you click on one of those ads dotted around the blog and purchase a book, or if you buy a book following one of the 'Buy Book' links in my posts, then I get a very small commission from the sale. So, if you're about to go on your next book haul and would like to feed your friendly blogger over here then please follow this link on your next purchase!

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