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An Easter Bonnet (+Updates!)

For a good portion of my early years, I attended a Catholic school where the religious element to Easter was always emphasised before any mention of chocolate eggs. That’s right, we had to worship the true J.C. and that means Jesus Christ, not John Cadbury. So much so that I still have that hymn about Jesus’ resurrection seared into my brain. (Risen! Risen! Jesus is – risen! The spirit was given – Jesus is alive, anybody?)

Easter Bonnet Queen circa 2002

My parents did their utmost to instil good Christian values in me as a child and most of them have stuck (except for a few minor sins here and there!), but I wouldn’t say I’m as religious as I was in my youth. My mother tended to uphold the more religious aspects of Easter celebrations while my father used to focus on Easter eggs, but a feature of the holiday that we all definitely admired were Easter bonnets.

It’s been awhile since I rocked an Easter bonnet, (see the photo of me on the right back in 2002 at my primary school’s Easter Bonnet contest) so me and my mother thought that it would be fun to honour my father by taking it back fifteen years and making an Easter bonnet.

My mother is an absolutely incredible woman and her talent for seemingly everything never ceases to amaze me. One thing both of my parents have always excelled at is art. My father was great at sketching while my mother enjoys making practical arts and crafts creations. The latter is evident in this Easter bonnet masterpiece that we created this month.

This blog isn’t really a tutorial arts blog and I’ll be honest, my mother did most of the handiwork compiling this beautiful bonnet herself while I watched, chose ribbon colours and modelled it rather shamelessly at the end. So, basically, if you want a step-by-step instruction on how to make an Easter bonnet, you’re in the wrong place. However, I will say that every bunny, chick, carrot, egg basket and feather is hand sewn onto the bonnet. We purchased all the accessories and even the hat itself from Poundland – super fancy, I know. You could call it a Budget Bonnet, but I feel like that would diminish just how fucking cute it is.

The best thing about it was that it was a nice bonding project for me and my mother. We’ve never really done much to celebrate Easter as a family except for a few trips to church when I was a child and like I said, I’m not a strict/devout Christian  – nor am I actually a huge fan of chocolate! Yet, it was nice to do something to commemorate Easter and to indulge my mother’s creative side a little as she so rarely has the time for it any more.

There’s no big Easter revelation or moral to the tale. In truth, this post is more for me than it is for any of my readers. It’s a lovely little memory that I wanted to jot down and share so I can look back at it and remember just how much fun we had doing something other than scoffing Easter eggs to mark the holiday.

I’m aware that chocolate eggs are cool, but it’s not as cool as sitting down and having quality time with your family. Bonus points if you use that time to make creative and cute as heck Easter bonnet!

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And finally, regardless of whether you choose to spend it celebrating Jesus or surrounded by Cadbury Creme Eggs, Happy Easter to you and yours!

SKIRT: Mother’s old skirt bought for her by my father years ago.

BLOUSE: Vero Moda

SHOES: Debenhams, but no longer sold.

BONNET: Everything is literally from Poundland.

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