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The Vaccines @ HMV

Oh, look it’s another ‘it happened nearly a month ago and I was too lazy to write about it then, so here it is now’ post!

So, The Vaccines released their fourth album, Combat Sports, not too long ago and the album’s release (30th March) coincided quite nicely with my trip to London for my twentieth. So, naturally, I dragged my poor, sweet mother along with me to rainy Oxford Street to go and see them perform at HMV and get a CD signed. Let’s take a moment to appreciate my mum, she’s had twenty years of me forcing her to tag along to events that she really couldn’t care less about and she hasn’t complained once. A true trouper!

This was before I got wine drunk at Burberry and got super ill, but I must confess that I was slightly hungover from consuming copious amounts of champagne up the Shard to ring in the fact I’d completed another year in this slow march towards death so I was a little tired, kinda cranky, and honestly don’t remember too much about the entire day :/

I will say this, you should definitely get a HMV member card if you don’t have one. We didn’t have to wait in the queues too long which given the miserable weather outdoors was quite nice. However, I, stupidly, didn’t really account for the fact that priority membership meant standing up front at the barrier. I was initially planning on milling at the back with my mother, trying to enjoy every moment of the show while regretting all the champagne I’d been downing the night before, but I would 100% be lying if I said that being front row to see one of the bands I’ve loved since I was about fifteen/sixteen wasn’t a bit of dream come true… even if I was in prime position for awkward eye contact/possible death glares (as evidenced below).

I know everyone’s here for the books, and for that one post with Natalie Dormer that still gets an absurd amount of hits, but I think I can be forgiven for one little music post in the four or so years I’ve been blogging about literature. Also, Combat Sports is well worth a listen. Their first album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? still remains my all time favourite, but I think this one comes a close second. My personal favourites on Combat Sports are, obviously, ‘I Can’t Quit’ (The ‘ooh ooh one’  as my mum so aptly called it), ‘Out On The Street’ and ‘Rolling Stones’.

And for anyone who is still reading this post and isn’t just here for book/Natalie Dormer related content (you’re in a minority, mate!), I’ve attached a compilation of all the really short, low quality videos I took including 0:35 which is basically the moment I possibly peaked in life, right?

Literature centric content shall resume v. soon with some reviews/blog tours for new April/May book releases, I promise! 

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