Review Policy

Without books, this blog simply would not exist. Therefore, I am always hunting for exciting new releases to share. I am open to receiving copies of books to read – as well as other various products – in exchange for an honest review.

Unfortunately, I am unable to guarantee to accept every review request. However, I do take the time to contemplate all queries and review copies sent my way to see if they would potentially be a good fit for the blog. I can only consider requests sent to me by email.

If you’d like to me to review or feature something that’s NOT a book or literature related, feel free to drop me a message with more information about you, your business and the product(s) you’d like me to post about and I will get back you if I believe it could be suitable for the blog. Note: I no longer offer paid social media posts for non-book products as I’m scaling back my social media usage. As a result, I can only accommodate blog posts. I cannot guarantee that gifted products will be included in any of my posts.

Please bear in mind that I work full-time. I try my best to reply in a timely manner, but responses can be a little slow during busy periods. If you want me to finish a book or review your product by a specific deadline, please state so in your email and I shall see if I am able to accommodate it. On the rare occasion that I have difficulty finishing a book, I reserve the right not to review the book as I cannot write an honest review on a book I haven’t completely read.

Because I like to take pictures of the book for my review, I would prefer a physical copy. I may be able to consider a virtual copy under certain circumstances so do not let this put you off contacting me!

Please note that if you plan to send me an ARC via email, then I can only accept it in PDF format.