Review Policy

Without books, this blog simply would not exist. Therefore, I am always hunting for exciting new releases to share. I am open to receiving ARCs or special copies of books to read in exchange for an honest review.

Unfortunately, I am unable to guarantee to accept every review request. However, I do take the time to contemplate all queries and review copies sent my way to see if they would potentially be a good fit for the blog. I can only consider requests sent to me by email.

If you’d like to me to review or feature something that’s not a book or literature related, feel free to drop me a message with more information about you or the product and I will get back you if I believe it would suit the blog.

Please bare in mind that I am a student and sometimes life can get in the way so responses can be a little slow during peak term times. If you want me to finish a book by a specific deadline, please state so in your email and I shall see if I am able to accommodate it. In the rare occasion that I have difficulty getting round to reading a book, I will not finish it. In this case, I reserve the right not to review the book as I cannot write an honest review on a book I haven’t completely read.

Because I like to take pictures of the book for my review, I would prefer a physical copy. I may be able to consider a virtual copy under certain circumstances so do not let this put you off contacting me, but please note that if you plan to send me an ARC via email, then I can only accept it in PDF format.

I’m generally open to reading books of all genres from horror to chick lit. Right now, I’m eager to put a spotlight on books by female authors and female-driven stories so please do get in touch if that sounds like you/your work and let me know if you’d like your novel to also be featured on my female literature centric blog Literary Women.

My reviews all follow the same basic structure. If you have a particular requirement for how you wish the review to be set out then please do let me know and I will endeavour to fulfill it as best as I can.

Please be aware that all reviews will reflect my honest opinion.