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Valentine’s Day: Favourite Fictional Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If there’s one thing I hate about February it’s Valentine’s Day. And yes, it is because I am a lonely blogger who prefers tea that matches her soul. Black and bitter.

However, if you’re lucky enough to have someone special in your life then I hope you both have a romantic day filled with roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes. I’ll just be at home stuffing my face with a Chinese takeaway and belting the lyrics out to Celine Dion’s All By Myself…literally all by myself à la Bridget Jones.

Speaking of which, in celebration of all the Valentines nonsense, I’m going to be listing some of my favourite fictional couples from both page and screen. So all us bookish, fictional character loving singletons can drown our sorrows in Ben and Jerry’s together.


Artwork by PhantomRin

I never can resist a Herondale and right off the bat, I adored Will. Even more so I adored him with Tessa Gray. They were the couple that I rooted for the most in Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices and even after the emotional mess that was Clockwork Princess, I will still carry on shipping and loving ‘Wessa’.

Their love was so beautiful that it brings tears to my others. Maybe that’s why I’m always alone for Valentines! Because no real life guy can live up to the high standards set by Will Herondale? Yeah, I’ll just keep telling myself that’s the reason.


Artwork by @artscapade

If you haven’t heard about how much I love Noah Shaw then you must have been living under a rock all this time. The bad boy in Michelle Hodkin’s Mara Dyer trilogy completely stole my heart late last year and has worked his way up the list of my fictional boyfriends.
However, other than with myself, there’s no-one I ship Noah more with than Mara.

Their intense romance was incredible from start to finish. I cried, I laughed and I swooned. It’s such a shame that Retribution is the end to the series because I could just read about Noah and Mara’s adventures forever.
Fun fact: I love how Michelle Hodkin made their names spell out Madness (Mara Amitra Dyer/Noah Elliot Simon Shaw). It was sneaky, clever little detail!


Katniss and Peeta who? For me the standout couple in Suzanne’s Collins The Hunger Games series was Finnick and his poor mad girl back home, Annie.

I was enchanted with their story and I so desperately wanted for them to have a happy ending. Alas, not even fictional characters can get everything.

If you’re a massive fan of The Hunger Games BOOK series then I suggest you watch this webseries. I don’t care much for the acting as some of it’s rather wooden (The last Finnick’s kind of hot though), but it tells the story of Finnick and Annie rather beautifully.


An on screen couple that I live for. If you don’t ship Stydia, then get out. I’m being serious.

They’ve been my number one television ship since way back when MTV’s Teen Wolf first aired in 2011. Their chemistry is always on point and there’s something so refreshing about their progression on the show.

The show is gearing up for it’s fifth season which is rumoured to be the last and I’m praying that Stiles and Lydia end up together. I mean, he’s been in love with her since the third grade. That’s not something you can ditch easily – even if you’re getting laid by a coyote.

They’re such a perfect couple that there is a 101 Reasons why you should love them if you don’t already.


Me? No! I’m not crying! I’m just allerg–Fine, yes, I’m crying. When I first started watching ABC’s Once Upon A Time I was aware of the shipping buzz around Hook and Emma. So when Neal appeared in the second season I was a little confused as to what the hell was going on. However, as the season progressed, I started to really warm to Neal.

I know that fictional characters rarely get a happy ending, but I just wanted Emma and Neal to have theirs. Their story was so beautiful and something that could’ve been so well developed. After all [SPOILER for those who haven’t watched it yet] Neal is Henry’s father and I so desperately wanted them to be a united family.

Alas, nothing ever goes to plan especially for the good guys. Neal Cassidy deserved better than being killed off in order to aid another ship.


I can’t believe that I almost didn’t include these two. They were my favourite couple back in 2010 and they’re still up there in my top ‘ships’ five years on. (It seriously doesn’t feel like almost five years since Karen and Arthur’s debut on Doctor Who. I remember The Eleventh Hour like it was yesterday!)

I don’t know how anyone can not like Amy and Rory. Not even Jay-Z and Beyonce can compare to The Girl Who Waited and the Last Centurion. Rory waited 1,894 years for Amy and if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.


I had to include these two because they make me laugh so much on Orphan Black.

You know what they say – A couple who murders together stays together! In all serious, murder has brought these two closer than ever.

Originally, I didn’t like Donnie, but season two has completely changed my mind. Since the [SPOILER if you haven’t seen it yet] murder of Doctor Leekie, Donnie has come out of his shell and his rapport with wife Alison has been hilarious ever since. Especially the scene where they’re trying to get rid of the body! These two are comedy gold! I’m super excited to see how they develop in season three.

Let me know who your favourite fictional couples are!


  • Renee Bookboyfriends
    February 15, 2015 at 8:14 am

    SYDNEY SAGE AND ADRIAN IVASHKOV!!!! And Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish. And I agree with Wessa! Always love the Wessa ship!!!

  • Maya
    February 17, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Yay I love so many fictional couples (make up for my own dead love life;))! I still need to read The Infernal Devices series… But I can't wait to because Wessa seems to be the best thing ever! And everyone absolutely loves Will Herondale;) Book boys are so hard to live up to for real guys but hey that's not our fault!:PI LOVE Noah and Mara! No one can make a girl swoon like Noah Shaw:D Their romance was wonderfully done. I never realised their names spelt out Madness!- clever indeed;)Oh gosh I love Amy and Rory! I loved the 11th Doctor and really need to finish watching all of their episodes:) They are love!Great post!Maya @ anotheronceuponatime

  • Jennifer Pearl Mancuso
    February 20, 2015 at 3:46 am

    This is such a cute post! Out of your list, I love Finnick and Annie & Stiles and Lydia! I actually like Emma better with Hook! Lol! I haven't read The Infernal Devices or Mara Dyer series yet, but I plan to ASAP. Also, beside Stiles and Lydia in Teen Wolf, I LOVED Alison and Isaac together. (: I'm so sad they left the show!Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog


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