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Book Review: Girls on Tour

Once again, thank you to the folks at Headline for being ever so kind and sending me a copy of Nicola Doherty’s Girls on Tour in exchange for a review.

With four holidays packed into one massively enjoyable novel, Girls on Tour was always going to leave me with a dash of envy for these fabulous fictional characters and their ability to jet off to all the glamorous locations.

Nicola Doherty’s five e-novellas how now been compiled to one hilarious book following the trips abroad of four girls who each head off to five fantastic destinations across the globe.
Poppy is bound for Paris, the City of Love. Could this be her chance to end her epic dry spell? While, Lily is en route to her cousin’s wedding in LA, where she’s willing to break a few rules to bag her dream role. Maggie can’t wait for a romantic ski holiday in Meribel, that is until it goes seriously off-piste. And Rachel – are you keeping up yet? – packs for a Roman holiday. However, a blast from the past is about to sabotage la dolce vita.

Finally, to wrap up, the girls (who are seemingly immune to jet lag) get together and fly to Manhattan. But someone’s hiding a big secret in the Big Apple.



Girls on Tour was a whole load of fun to read. I don’t really read an abundance of chick lit, but I think I may have to start if they’re anything like this novel!

Packed full of friendship and funny mishaps, this book had me laughing from start to finish. It even surprised me a few times! *cough* New York *cough*

Initially, I was a bit bummed that Poppy Does Paris had to end. I just adored everything about Poppy and Charlie’s story. I was set on them being my favourite couple out of the lot because I thought it would’ve been impossible for Nicola Doherty to beat these two, but soon I was falling in love with Rachel and Oliver. Girls on Tour sports a wide array of fictional characters that are all so completely likable that you can’t help but root for them even if they do something foolish.. Yes, I’m side-eyeing you, Lily!

This book was immensely enjoyable even for someone like me who loathes the hassle of traveling! I was so captivated by Doherty’s writing. She truly did make these characters very real and channeled the different personalities of different holiday go-ers. Some want to see the sights like Rachel while others like Lily and Maggie just want to let their hair down.

And what’s a holiday without some romance? It’s virtually impossible to not be envious of the girls and their natural talent to woo the opposite sex. There are the solid couples of the novel that stick through thick and thin and spur-of-the-moment Skype marriage calls. Then, there are the what-ifs like Maggie and the dishy ski instructor from Meribel, Sylvian who I’m absolutely convinced she should’ve gone for! What? He sounded hunky!

I know it’s very early on but I would love to see Girls on Tour on either the big or small screen! I reckon these four fabulous friends could give Sex and the City a run for their money!


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