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Lunch at Burberry’s

Burberry is best known for their stylish trench coats, trademark check pattern, and that rather unfortunate period from 2001 to 2005 when they became associated with ‘chav’ culture. However, it’s their food that shines.

Located next to the Burberry Regent Street flagship store, Thomas’ is an all-day cafe open from 8am until 9pm. Being a big fan of the brand and having been absolutely enchanted by their Christmas ad last year featuring Domhnall Gleeson, I just had to give Thomas’ a try!

There are dining areas both upstairs and downstairs inside the Cafe, but we were taken to a table upstairs which I’m actually quite thankful for. Upstairs is more spacious and it’s a lot quieter which I suppose gives it a more sophisticated atmosphere. It feels very private and I adored people-watching from the tall windows.

The menu has a wonderful mix of salads and sandwiches to proper, substantial meals. Several fellow diners appeared to be having the Afternoon Tea assortment of cakes which looked delicious.

Technically, I’m cheating with the pictures here. We did indeed go to Thomas’ on 30th March for my twentieth, but these photos are from when I took my mother there in September of last year for her birthday. We just look much more prim and polished in last year’s photos than we do in those of this year due to me being ill and seeing The Vaccines. Not to mention the horrific rain! So, here’s us in September 2017 – sorry!

Thomas’ is such a brilliant restaurant that I’ve basically decreed that whenever I’m in London, I must go. We ordered the same dishes this time round as last year except we had carrot cake and lime and coconut cake as opposed to the apple crumble one we had previously. The food is exquisite and surprisingly filling and the staff are just phenomenal, but you’d expect nothing less from Burberry.

*careless whisper sax plays softly in the background*
Mrs Kirkham’s Wiltshire Ham and Montgomery’s Cheddar on Sourdough ft. Fries

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